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Finding your mojo in a disruptive world

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“A fantastic team. The nicest of people.”


Kendra Ayling, Hitachi

In a world where access to data is king, the ICT playing field is being flattened by harmonised technology standards, platform convergence and the increasing use of APIs. Wander around any ICT conference or trade-show and you’ll be bombarded by the same messages: digital transformation, business in the cloud, security, social enterprise and now The Internet of Things (IoT) or, more popularly, The Internet of Everything.


Business and digital transformation drives the common mantra from every direction. Differentiating brands is difficult, especially when infrastructure and global services are all technologically geared to the same goals.   Brands become increasingly fuzzy. And yet, in a B2B world, contrary to popular myth, branding plays a critical role. The scale and complexity of the typical deal makes choosing on technical merit alone just about impossible. Success in large part comes down to people – and their culture, values, ideas, vision and rapport.


The media and entertainment communities are closely coupled to the core technology companies. While this was the first sector to be turned upside down by the digital era, it continues to be the most exciting time in history of the media and entertainment industry. News is instant. Influences are global. Of course, in such a dynamic environment, it can be hard to find your mojo, especially if you’re a large established player facing new, nimble entrants and distribution channels that emerge out of the blue. We’re working with some of the world’s largest media and entertainment groups to bring their people into immersive, themed experiences, designed to help them reframe, spot opportunities, and collaborate.


We’re also collaborating with network infrastructure and enterprise solutions businesses that enable digital transformations, to create summits, trade shows and roadshows. We’re helping these brands reinvent themselves and reposition with key stakeholders in the supply chain.


For reasons of confidentiality, we’re unable to share the names of all of our clients in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector.

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