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Shelton Fleming Associates
Shand House
14-20 Shand Street
United Kingdom

Registered in England 1647866

+44 20 7378 7021


Our services

Re-imagining connected experiences

Through powerful insights, storytelling, and the creative use of technology, we connect brands and people in more meaningful ways.

Brand identity and storytelling
Customer journey design
Market insights

Interactive & immersive content
Augmented reality and social VR
Digital & video production

Exhibition & conference design and production
Virtual and hybrid experiences
Brand & product launches and road shows

Our philosophy

Inquisitive. Thoughtful. Honest. Respectful.

Born inquisitive

40 years driving the use of innovative tech to make audience experiences more compelling

Honest advice

We will always offer our honest, practical and solution focused point of view

Creative thinking

Experience and strategic insight is balanced by our creative, thoughtful approach to design.

We are committed to a sustainable future. We don’t believe in greenwashing and neither do our clients.

Inquisitive digital thinkers

Doing business sustainably

Inquisitive digital thinkers

Doing business sustainably

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