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BlackBerry builds secure business ecosystems

Experiences designed to build brand communities

A book could be written about our relationship with BlackBerry; it now goes back over a decade. We’ve designed, produced and managed their global events programme. We remain, to this day, a lead partner for live events. In the era when BlackBerry dominated the business landscape, with their own unique handsets and ecosystem, we managed large scale, developer conferences, in vast exhibition halls. 


BlackBerry, like so many mobile handset brands, eventually bowed out in the wake of Apple, Android and the rise of the Asian brands. However, the true test of a great brand is its ability to adapt – to reinvent the business. And BlackBerry has proven resilient and adaptable. Today, BlackBerry is a radically different business. The brand now operates in the enterprise software space. They provide software-defined communication platforms with a focus on being the most secure. 


They’ve also carved out a leadership position in software for today’s increasingly connected vehicles – a growth market, given the world’s relentless push towards driverless vehicles.