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NEC Netcracker builds a digital transformation business

Forging B2B communities for long term partnership


Netcracker is a fast growing, digital transformation business. Part of the NEC Group, a large Japanese conglomerate. Roots in software. We manage their global trade show programme; operating over multiple continents, from Europe to LatAm.

In our hyper-connected world, Netcracker is centre-stage, serving telcos and enterprise customers. Their shared obsession? How to leverage smart data and the Internet of Things. With that goal in mind, we’ve been working with Netcracker, as they reposition themselves as both a technically savvy, but also business-savvy, strategic partner for clients embracing digital transformation.


Our involvement goes beyond the booth design, to include VIP logistics, hospitality, customer events, registration and meeting apps, as well as the platinum-sponsor branding and brand activations around major  events.

Case studies: