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Discover xLab, a hub of exploration, collaboration, and innovation

The digital world is changing fast, each year new technology enables us to create experiences that are smarter, more personalised and deliver powerful returns measured by real-world data.

At Shelton Fleming we see connected, engaging technology as the future of events and have created xLab as a thinktank dedicated to exploring and evaluating the latest tech and weaving it seamlessly into your event.

A hub of innovation, exploration and collaboration. Guesswork is dead.

Long live SF | xLAB


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The Data Story

Find out how we use data and analytics to prove ROI


We love data

Data is important to us. We understand the value of measuring the effectiveness of experiences, be it through generating social reach or converting emotions to sales. But we know that just collecting data doesn’t improve outcomes. The key is harnessing meaningful insights that lead to meaningful improvement. Part of our mission is to help clients collect and interpret quality data, using innovative tech you can trust.

Understanding delegate behaviour



Shelton Fleming deploy specialist sensors and cameras which create virtual perimeters
- for both exhibition stands and events. We can track dwell time, flow, frequency and foot traffic. We can also understand who your audience are, even how they are feeling, without capturing any sensitive data.



Using this data we are able to show which part of your stand or event is most popular or engaging, giving you valuable insight on your customers interests and behaviour.



Our detailed post event analysis report will provide you with overall show insights, audience analysis, visitor numbers and layout & location review.

We’re Explorers and Innovators

Our team source, test and play with the best event technology from around the world, so you don’t have to. VR, AR, and MR with multi-sensory and voice-activated content, immersive, multi-layered projection mapping…this is what gets us up in the morning.

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