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Mott MacDonald: Advice that adds advantage

Opening opportunities with connected thinking

Mott Macdonald, one of the world’s best-known international engineering consultancies, together with their clients, are solving the world’s most intricate challenges. In constant search for the connections others fail to make, they unlock creativity and deliver better outcomes for the lives we touch every day. Our work with them revolves around intertwining the brand with the future of mobility, specifically in the rail sector.


Together, we explore how global demand for transport is growing fast. Mott Macdonald understands, that given present trends, passenger and freight activity will more than double by 2050. Such growth is a token of social and economic progress, but it carries with it greater energy demand and increased CO2 emissions and atmospheric pollutants.


A greater reliance on rail has the potential to cut that growth. In a world becoming ever more urbanised, rail travel is well matched to urban needs. High-speed rail can serve as an alternative to short-distance air travel, and conventional and freight rail can complement other transport modes to provide efficient mobility. We helped Mott Macdonald promote their vision of mobility at Innotrans Berlin in 2018 by placing their brand at the forefront of clients’ minds.

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