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Shelton Fleming Associates
Shand House
14-20 Shand Street
United Kingdom

Registered in England 1647866

+44 20 7378 7021


Whether you’re just starting out on your career or you’ve been working in this industry for decades – we would love to meet you. So:

If you feel like Shelton Fleming is where you belong

If you’ve got a taste for innovation

If you can help us create a new style of disruptive, growth-focused agency

We’re a London-based, full-service creative agency with a strategic approach to virtual, hybrid and live events, with almost 40 years of experience. We work globally. Our HQ is in London.

We harness insight, data, creativity and technology, to deliver thought-provoking experiences.

We enable brands to be part of something bigger – making them more sustainable and meaningful to customers, stakeholders and society.


We strongly believe it’s our duty to do our best to save the planet. It’s not a slogan. Shelton Fleming is a truly sustainable agency, with ISO-14000 certificate and clever sustainable policies in place. We re-imagine sustainable experiences. Our approach to ‘sustainability’ is holistic, including working with our clients on critical issues focused on social justice and corporate responsibility. It’s the main event, don’t you think?

Our clients are the biggest brands on the planet. They, and we, are embracing unprecedented change. We believe there’s a good chance that when this is over, we’ll be a stronger, more compassionate community, collaborating not only at live events, but also through all sorts of online social interaction. In that spirit, we’re working with our clients and business partners to pivot to a new and no less exciting, normal.








Expertise matters. But equally, in our people, we seek a passion for life, curiosity and diverse perspectives. We are an international team of events and communication professionals. Best at what we do, yet fun to be around at the same time. Learn more about us to get an idea…

Life isn’t only about working. Especially now, when remote and flexible work has disrupted the traditional 9-5. We strongly believe that work-life balance, social interactions and pure joy at work are very important. That’s why we created Culture Club. The team at Culture Club organises social events, charity activities, online quizzes, parties, wellness days, workshops. They do a lot! It is open to everyone to join, so you can also shape Shelton Fleming’s social life.



We want you to grow. At Shelton Fleming, we put a lot of focus on learning and development of our team members. Here, you can evolve, seek change in your career. Start in one function - migrate to another. Only your own ambition is the limit.