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Advanced Industries

Managing the shift to software-defined business propositions and green transformation programmes


“Always going that extra mile! Brought new ideas to the table. Executive Team happy. Media coverage exceptional.”

Rachael Griffiths, GKN

Innovation is now the major driver of OEM brand perception. This is having a profound impact on the role of science and engineering-based businesses that supply into the OEMs. Companies in the science and engineering fields are, themselves, going through a period of profound change. The digital era is transforming their focus from the mechanical, to software-defined platforms and data. Data is king.


This creates multiple challenges. The first is the fight for talent to make the shift in focus possible. Does a bright, young engineer want to work in the funky ecosystem at Google or Facebook? Or on an industrial estate at a brown field site, even if it’s called a science park? I think we all know the answer. The point? The start-up cultures of the titans in the tech space present a very real challenge for companies whose roots have been in a traditional, hierarchical manufacturing culture.


At the same time, OEMs making planes, cars, trains or products for our homes, are leaning on engineering and science-based businesses to deliver the innovations that consumers expect from their brands. This accent on ‘innovation’ and new business propositions, predicated on software-defined platforms, is a very real, wake-up call. Brand positions and company culture need to evolve. This creates a very real need for engineering companies to engage OEMs in ways that allow collaborative innovation to flourish.


We’re helping engineering brands to connect with their customers in new ways. Immersive experiences can provide the platform for collaborative innovation and encourage relationships to thrive. Engineering brands need to focus on a positioning that amplifies tech, AI and data credentials. Our live event and digital interactive solutions help them harness strategic opportunities, while creating the capacity and motivation to optimise change.


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