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Netscout: Global exhibition program

Positioning for a software-defined future


Netscout is preeminent in network performance management software. In a world understandably paranoid about network and data security, Netscout leads in network secure network management and triage.


However, brand leaders know they need to change the game, at the top of their game. Netscout is a great example of that philosophy in action.  As the enterprise solutions world transitions from a focus on systems and hardware, to software defined networks and services, the narrative has to evolve. Whereas, in the past Netscout was focused on physical network integrity and management, the value proposition is shifting to cloud-based applications, data analytics, and how to optimise consumer experiences.



The company’s roots were in the geeky world of programmers and engineers, deep inside networks, monitoring system integrity and performance, at an almost sub-atomic level. That world is changing. We’ve been working with Netscout to dial up the data analytics capability and present a more human face to the business, across a global canvas.

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