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Shelton Fleming Associates
Shand House
14-20 Shand Street
United Kingdom

Registered in England 1647866

+44 20 7378 7021


Shelton Fleming Associates

Our reach is global. We are located and partner with the best contractors on the planet to offer digitally inspired and sustainable experiences. Our neighborhoods are vibrant creative and technology communities. Visit us and leave time to explore these exciting neighborhoods.

United Kingdon – London

Shand House,14-20 Shand Street, London SE1 2ES, United Kingdom

+44 20 7378 7021

For new business enquiries please contact:

Andrew Reid

+44 (0) 7554 991 381


Liz Axten

+47 486 873 21

Spain - Valencia

Kuba Jugo

For assistance in integrating ESG practices to your event delivery please contact:

Nick Grimaldi

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