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Steal the show with inspiring, enriching, experiential tech

The right kind of experiential tech can add a dynamic, inspiring, and enriching edge to your event. And it can mark the difference between what’s memorable and what’s monotonous. Best of all, it can truly differentiate you from the competition.

But technology should always be the unsung hero of the show. There to be experienced but not showcased. It should always operate behind the scenes, seamless and unobtrusive. The point is, your events need to showcase your products and services, not another company’s technology.

If you’re going to lift your event from being an ‘also ran’, to one that’s the envy of your competitors, you’ll need to embrace technology that truly delivers on its promise. From concept to attendee selection, through pre-event content and engagement, to design to production and, of course, a continued post-event post dialogue. You’ll also need to use experiential tech that helps you create truly sustainable events, always avoiding the trap of greenwashing.

Our FutureHack event will explore tech for now; tech for tomorrow; and tech for beyond. Here are some of the trends currently shining in the innovations landscape we’ll investigate.

Social VR experiences create possibilities as far as you can imagine

Virtual worlds enable experiences that are difficult or impossible to realise in everyday life. Using the Meta Quest 2 headset, we’ll explore social VR, which allows you and colleagues around the world to meet as avatars to explore incredible spaces and experiences together.

Gated and curated. Or open, virtual ecosystems in a public space. See inside a fusion reactor. Ride the eye of a storm, experiencing climate change in action. Or take a buying spree in a virtual Soho art gallery.

Understanding virtual worlds 

We’ll explore the technologies that will create the metaverse, examining real-time engines, XR and Web3, looking at how innovations in gaming are adding value in business. We’ll discuss the innovations in live streamed, 3D avatar capture into virtual spaces, in real time.

How an immersive experience is a more connected experience

VR is a focused, distraction free engagement. Not a gimmick, but a new environment for content and for understanding engagement. We’ll explore BCI technology that uses brain activity to trigger experiences, and the power of 3D soundscapes and volumetric audio.

Data @ the heart of connected and more engaged communities 

Whether you’re planning a giant gathering or an intimate engagement for business giants, your client’s data is critical to what, how and when you communicate. We’ll shine a spotlight on the power of emotionally driven analytics, as well as how to harness real time dynamic facial capture will power future Avatar innovations.

How tech drives truly sustainable event production

Your event should also help you achieve your ESG goals. Supporting this theme, we’ll discuss the importance of avoiding greenwashing and the benefits of digital reduction techniques versus offsetting.

Be ahead of the curve attending FutureHack

There’s little doubt that tech is driving change in event creation, production, and delivery. Whatever your level of understanding, FutureHack will change your perspective on what’s in and what’s out in experiential tech.