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The happening tech at FutureHack 2022

We love technology and events, fortunately these two topics go hand in hand. The events industry is one of the fastest modernising industries, capitalising on tech to help engage audiences in new and exciting ways. From finance to aerospace, consumer products to professional services, everyone is looking for the next best technology to show off their products and solutions, are you? 

So, this year at our annual client event, FutureHack, we explored technologies, spread across the here, the happening and the horizon. These are innovations that we are super excited about.  


Superbright are pioneers in making social VR and the Metaverse accessible to both B2C and B2B brands. As audience engagement moves towards the twin worlds of the physical and virtual, Superbright’s hyper-real 3D spaces open a new era in live engagement. 


Hypervsn bring the digital into reality with high tech rotors that can create holograms with incredible detail. Their latest version allows for interaction with the holograms via gesture or voice controls, tablets, or your smartphones.  


Betterverse is a charity working to be a force for good in the metaverse. The platform is being set up to connect your donations with your beneficiary whilst also enabling you to track the progress of the donation & what impact it is having. As a bonus, Betterverse will award you with a unique NFT Tree that you will get to plant within the Betterverse Metaverse, and watch grow from a sapling into an ancient wooden colossus. 


Parallel’s purpose is to innovate and act as a consultancy combining strategy, design, data science, and engineering context into visually powerful dashboards and software to help understand and apply the insight in powerful new and creative ways. Data is the Gold of today’s technology landscape, creating qualitative and quantitative insights to empower. 


Myndplay is the merger between human and machine, their hardware bridges from the mind to the interactive which can create engaging consumer-oriented content that users can control through thought alone. With everyone’s brain waves being unique, many compelling use cases like security, identification, personalisation, and unique brand loyalty start to be less science fiction and more science fact. 

Microsoft HoloLens 

Microsoft HoloLens. OK, this AR tech has been doing the rounds for a while now. It’s proven its value in industrial applications. For example: enabling technicians carrying out maintenance on complex machinery to see animated diagrams of how to replace components. It’s the ultimate productivity tool. HoloLens gen-two just has adopted a more intuitive user-interface, improved holographic processing, more RAM, better motion gesture control, and eye tracking. In the B2B events world its applications are limitless. Demo hard to display products whilst still having the eye contact with the customer that is so important to establishing empathy.  

Shelton Fleming FutureHack 

These innovative technologies all featured at FutureHack 2022 and gave our attendees the opportunity to explore, discover and play with purpose. Stay tuned for our next edition of FutureHack, where there will no doubt be even more tech to try out and innovations to discuss. 

Stay tuned for the official FutureHack page, to see even more exclusive from FutureHack 2022, coming soon!

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