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GKN Aerospace: Future of flight

Brand strategy and engagement



The aerospace market defies many of the core principles of competition. One the one hand, it’s a fiercely competitive market with longstanding behemoths, like Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier and Leonardo. In the wings there’s the burgeoning prowess and aspiration of a global power – China – with the stamina for the long-game. Add to the mix agile start-ups in electric, short-flight, urban mobility, drones and the cult of celebrity with Musk’s SpaceX and Branson’s space-tourism.  Around these players is a vast ecosystem of avionics, AI and quantum computing specialists and component providers of which GKN is a major.


On the flip side of competition are geo-political dynamics, national security interests, regulation and the climate agenda, which warp market dynamics, requiring a long view of sales, CRM, funding and innovation. However, one thing is a given, the market is global in reach and complex. The market has also found a renewed appetite for space – Mars and lunar development – and need for greater diversity across engineering, science and senior management disciplines.


Our work for GKN Aerospace includes but also extends beyond event work into repositioning, brand strategy, communications and customer collaboration hubs. It’s an exciting brand.  GKN embraces the cutting-edge of science whilst remaining centred around a humanist narrative, with a view that the future of sustainable flight is about bringing together people and societies.