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Postcard from Earth: A Sensory Marvel at The Sphere in Las Vegas

Can it be that Las Vegas is really redfining storytelling? Approaching the Las Vegas Sphere, I was immediately struck by its colossal size and the spectacle of 1.2 million exterior LED lights, which formed a bright yellow smiley emoji – it’s not something you’d see every day and did as was intended, it caught my attention almost instantly.

The Sphere, with its 580,000 square feet of LED panels, has become a true Las Vegas icon, and it boasts an architectural marvel that has captivated the city. Stepping inside, it felt like a futuristic blend of experiences, with humanoid robots and holograms contributing to the atmosphere.

The film began, and that’s when the real enchantment began. Darren Aronofsky’s “Postcard from Earth” is a cinematic tribute to our planet, featuring footage from all seven continents. The 16k screen, equivalent to four football fields, displayed incredible scenes of nature, cityscapes, and life’s grandeur. The Sphere’s 4D capabilities came into play, adding sensory elements such as gentle breezes and vibrating seats, enhancing the immersive experience.

From astronauts in quiet repose to the wonders of Earth, “Postcard from Earth” enveloped the audience in a breath-taking symphony of sights and sounds. The level of detail in each frame was astonishing, leaving me mesmerised and unsure of where to focus on first. 

The movie’s simple storyline follows voyagers on their way to a new planet, sharing a succession of footage from Earth, described as a “magnificent symphony, frozen in time.” Giraffes towered over me, underwater sea life swam in dazzling colours, and I soared over snow-capped mountains, even feeling a well-timed cool breeze inside the Sphere. The combination of well-thought-out content, visuals and the added immersion from the tech made every moment even more unique and memorable. 

Aronofsky’s team captured people in ordinary moments across the world, immersing us in their lives. The immersive experience left me pondering one question: How can one go back to a regular-sized cinema after this sensory extravaganza? 

“Postcard from Earth” at The Sphere isn’t just a movie; it’s a multi-sensory journey that redefines the possibilities of cinematic storytelling. Darren Aronofsky has taken us on an extraordinary adventure, challenging our notions of what’s possible on the big screen. It’s a monumental investment in artistic expression, and it’s an experience that you won’t want to miss. 

Working at Shelton Fleming, it’s no surprise that I am passionate about technology and how it can enhance (or when used incorrectly, negatively impact) an event experience. Going to The Sphere was not only an excursion but was truly a memorable experience. It inspired me and showed a fantastic albeit grand example of how storytelling, creative visuals and technology can take you out of this world and leave a lasting impact. 

But what makes the Las Vegas Sphere truly stand out is its commitment to sustainability. The venue’s makers emphasize its design to achieve high standards of sustainability and minimize energy consumption. Sphere’s LED screens utilize the most energy-efficient lighting available today, and its advanced heating and cooling system avoids wasteful reheating. The data centers conform to state-of-the-art energy-efficient strategies. 

In a groundbreaking move, Sphere Entertainment announced that around 70% of the venue’s energy would come from solar power, with Nevada’s main electricity utility, NV Energy, providing this solar power through a 25-year agreement. If approved, this agreement would set a new standard for renewable energy use by entertainment venues. 

While the Sphere’s impressive features and achievements set it apart, questions arise about the necessity of such endeavors in our current circumstances. Even if it becomes the most sustainable venue globally, the construction and operation of new venues demand considerable resources and energy. The Las Vegas Sphere, despite its sustainability efforts, prompts reflection on the broader environmental impact of such large-scale projects. 

As a passionate advocate for technology and its impact on event experiences at Shelton Fleming, my visit to the Sphere wasn’t just an excursion; it was a thought-provoking experience. The dazzling display of storytelling, creative visuals, and sustainable technology showcased the potential for creating memorable moments while raising important questions about the choices we make in pursuit of entertainment. 

Meet the author

This blog post was written by Josh Crowe, Account Executive at Shelton Fleming. With a background in production and journalism, Josh has worked with several written publications and production companies including Mixmag and Clash Magazine, as well as managing an editorial team. Since joining, he has worked with global clients at a number of events, most recently at Sibos Toronto, and the ITC insurance events in Las Vegas.

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