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Professional Services

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“Invariably the systems that professional service companies provide, are transforming their customers’ business models and core business proposition.”

Professional Services is the sector where seemingly diverse industries are converging and even colliding. Management consultancies are moving into customer experience design and enterprise software solutions. At the same time, enterprise software, technology and network infrastructure companies are eager to provide more strategic consulting, global services, supply chain solutions and customer experience design.


We work with enterprise solutions companies, at the point where they reposition from being geeky, operationally-focused software businesses, to become agile systems integrators or business transformation consultants. Indeed, these businesses are fast adopting a strategic, advisory role.


At the other end of the spectrum there are the board room strategy and advisory groups who push deeper into their clients’ organisations, where new software solutions are designed and implemented, and even managed, at the coal face. These companies now provide end-to-end enterprise solutions and increasingly confront the technology and network infrastructure companies.


The IoT era is transforming business models and is about so much more than technological transformation. Invariably, the systems that professional service companies provide are transforming their customers’ business models and core business propositions. For this reason, an increasing amount of our work is on hybrid summits. That is, customer events created as innovation workshops. Often our clients take these events on the road, to the doorstep of their customers’ premises, or a nearby hip venue. The goal? To strengthen their customer relationships, by facilitating the innovation process. We are helping these companies evolve their customer, staff and partner engagement programmes, to leverage these opportunities and promote their new-found status.


For reasons of confidentiality, we’re unable to share the names of all of our clients in the Professional Services sector.

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