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Mobility Ecosystem

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“They’re so easy to work with. We have demanding and strange processes. SF are always very amenable and flexible.”

Simon Crouch, Hitachi

Advances in technology and economic systems, like the sharing economy and smart integrated transport, are transforming our concept of getting from A to B.


For example, when autonomous vehicles emerge as a reality, is a car still a car? Or is it a mobile pod? An entertainment zone? An extension of your office? A social experience? The bottom line is, although driverless cars are still some way over the horizon, the vision and promise are already here. And, they’re disrupting how brands communicate and engage.


The psyches of the industry and consumer are already being transformed, as manufacturers compete in a highly disrupted environment. There are burgeoning new markets, especially in the Far East. In tandem, car manufacturers are tackling severe environmental challenges, and the impact of urban congestion on the global economy.


Then there’s the challenge of winning over Gen Z – part individualist and part tribal – humanist and inclusive too. Robo-taxis. Uber. There will be new business models. And the most disruptive trend of all, a new mindset. Branding, marketing and customer engagement are all up for reinvention.


Mature transport industries, such as railway and aerospace, are also undergoing transformation. They’ve always been major sources of innovation and technological advancements, but innovation doesn’t only happen at OEMs. It also springs from suppliers of raw materials, machines and tools. Managing the supply chain to achieve the right level of operational excellence to support production growth, while maintaining quality and keeping costs under control, can be a challenge. With everything connected and woven with layers of intelligence, the narrative is no longer focused on products and services. Today it pivots on integrated mobility ecosystems, focused around new, often personalised experiences.

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