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Ninety One: brand launch

Hybrid (localised, connected) event

The UK-South-African company, Investec Asset Management, renamed itself Ninety One and dropped its famous zebra, following its demerger from the Investec banking group in the first quarter of 2020. Hendrik du Toit, the CEO of NinetyOne, knows the change is part of their brands DNA:


Back in 1991 when we started in South Africa, change was coming… being part of that change made us who we are. It taught us to be bold, resilient and agile, to believe that active investing can be a force for good.


We had a pleasure to help NinetyOne tell their story by creating immersive, satellite experience in a form of a hybrid (localised, connected) event: Internal brand launch, digitally connecting Hong Kong, Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, and New York.


SF xLab  – our thinktank dedicated to exploring and evaluating the latest tech and weaving it seamlessly into events played a significant role in that project, supervising the implementation of connected solutions.

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