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Ninety One’s Global Marketing Offsite 2020 Hybrid Event

Client: Ninety One (formerly Investec Asset Management)

Event: Global Marketing Offsite 2020 (virtual event)

Service: Event production, content design, workshop facilitation

The Challenge: bringing Ninety One’s global marketing team together.  Discuss brand strategy and purpose.  Find practical ways of making marketing pivotal to how the business engages its clients


The Solution: an interactive, collaborative, hybrid event.  We set up a broadcast (hub) studio in Ninety One’s London headquarters with satellite ideation studio, and approx. 80 team members, distributed across 5 continents


The Result: 6 hours of diverse, high-paced, online experiences, resulting in multiple insights, ideas and project concepts, that will be used in shaping the company’s global marketing strategy for the upcoming year


‘An enormous, heartfelt thanks for helping us not just create something ground-breaking, but bring our team together in such a powerful way. The production was incredible, so slick, so committed, so calm, no request slammed down. True professionals. The halo-effect was felt by the team world over last night, everyone messaging in, a feeling of great unity – it didn’t just work it was epic’.

Emily Hill, Head of Events, ex-Africa at Ninety One (formerly Investec Asset Management)