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Standard Chartered Bank

International banking services across some of the world’s most dynamic markets


We first worked with SCB in 2018 to create your booth and meeting room presence at Eurofinance Geneva. We were tasked with bringing to life the concept of SCB driving commerce and prosperity through unique diversity and highlighting the focus on innovation. We quickly learned that Standard Chartered bank perfectly understands that to be successful, the bank of the future will need to embrace emerging technology, remain flexible to adopt evolving business models, and put customers at the center of every strategy. Learn how we can help you transform boldly.


Standard Chartered offers international banking services, working across some of the world’s most dynamic markets including Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Their ability to adapt to the new reality is clearly visible throughout all the projects we had pleasure to collaborate on. The future of banking will look very different from today. Faced with changing consumer expectations, emerging technologies, and new business models, banks will need to start putting strategies in place now to help them prepare for banking in 2030.

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