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Shelton Fleming Associates
Shand House
14-20 Shand Street
United Kingdom

Registered in England 1647866

+44 20 7378 7021

Digital Producer

Location: London Bridge

Reports into: Head of Digital Experiences

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Shelton Fleming is a strategy-driven, creative agency empowering positive change in organisations and brands globallyWe’re experts in unique storytelling through the creative use of technologies. We are 100% committed to making a positive impact with the clients and communities we and they serve, through sustainable practices and a social focus. That’s more than a mantraThat’s a goal baked into the culture, leadership philosophy and systems. It’s also embraced by the partners we engage with, to deliver inspiring experiences.  

Our activities have broadened out from live events to include virtual and hybrid, along with engaging digital and social content.  

We look for people who are both curious about and attuned to, contemporary culture. And, in the digital team, we encourage a futurist-mindset; seeking out new technologies, or technologies that can be blended, to create never-done-before experiences.  



We are looking for a qualified Digital Producer to join our team. You will be responsible for the day-to-day management and smooth operation of diverse digital projects or digital elements within a project, including immersive and interactive digital experiences, and content, data capture and analytics, social media campaigns, and web applications. Our work is omni-channel, and often involves systems integration.  

The data analytics and the AI side of the business is an area gaining momentum, as clients look to harness data on audience interactions, emotions and behaviours to enhance real-time and future experiences.  

The Digital Producer’s prime responsibility is to manage and coordinate resources and processes to deliver the digital / interactive element of a project. The role ultimately involves defining the processes and strategy for the project team to deliver consistently on quality, time and budget. 

For this position, we expect you to be a tech-savvy professional with an in-depth understanding of how technologies can help us, and our clients achieve our business goals. You should be methodical and have excellent time management skills.  

As a Digital Producer, you should also use your communication skills to collaborate effectively with various teams across our organisation and the supply chain. 



Project Management 

  • Writing up technical Scope of Work proposals, cost estimates and specifications in collaboration with suppliers / developers. 
  • Ensure quality control, milestones and project reporting is communicated to the client account team 
  • Understand and empathise with the aims, objectives and vision of the client’s organisation and the specific project 
  • Manage timelines of digital elements in conjunction with the client account team 
  • Capture change requests and scope creep and take appropriate action, if there’s a knock-on effect with deadlines, resourcing and budgets 
  • Identify and understand the risks to a project, plan for their effective management or avoidance and monitor and report any of these to the client account team 
  • Contribute to the company’s need for quoting on new business and compiling proposals and credentials 
  • Source and manage third party contractors 
  • Analyse the success of projects, producing reports and data analysis, as supporting evidence 

Research & Development 

  • Keep track of latest digital trends and technologies and analysing digital behaviour 
  • Understand and develop experience and knowledge of the whole of the design and development process 
  • Work with creative technologists and other team members on process improvements, and other initiatives designed to improve the effectiveness and quality of digital delivery within the agency 


  • Review costs against budget, on an on-going basis, and flag any issues to the Account Manager and/or client 
  • Look at the account, as a whole, and highlight opportunities to improve profitability 
  • Assist the account manager in forecasting revenue and to complete timely invoicing in line with this 


  • Provide technical / professional expertise to the account management and production team on development issues 
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with colleagues and third parties when working on projects 


  • 5+ Years of Experience, preferably on the production side 
  • Experience in a digital agency/production studio environment with particular focus on interactive/immersive installations and events.  
  • Calm under pressure of deadlines, be able to prioritize, and juggle the timelines of multiple concurrent projects. 
  • Experience in communication in the fields of engineering, design, consulting and clients. 
  • High degree of independence, organizational skills, and technical problem-solving. 
  • Eye for detail, and the ability to find compromise between parties. 
  • Creative flair and innovative approach 

Nice to have 

  • Computer science background / prior hands on experience in development 
  • Understanding of creative tools, such as use Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. 
  • Fluency with basic web coding (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) 
  • Understanding of interactive and AV hardware 

Salary and benefits negotiable and based on experience.