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Farnborough Air Show: Aerospace Global Forum

Client: Aerospace Global Forum

Event: Farnborough Air Show

Service: Strategy, Content & Event Production

The Challenge: In an era with the converging challenges (and opportunities) of digital transformation, supply chain stretch and the response to climate change, and mitigating its worst effects… how do you bring aerospace, aviation, and defence together, to have a meaningful engagement on change?


The Solution: Create a unique forum that brings together the vast, complex aerospace ecosystem. Deliver an event that ensures that they can plan, fund and co-innovate technological solutions and changes in customer behaviour.


Governments, financiers, technologists, academics, airlines, defence buyers and OEMs, and the long tail of the aerospace supply chain, came together at Farnborough to share ideas, co-fund and champion a change in ways that were hitherto anathema to Industry practice.


What we did: Shelton Fleming is a strategic, creative, event partner. Supplying insight, strategy, design, creative production, content, sales, and marketing support for a new global forum, AGF to underpin the aerospace and defence ecosystems in their pursuit of a more sustainable future. AGF, the Aerospace Global Forum was born.


Result: Farnborough is one of the world’s preeminent forums for aerospace. In developing AGF22they took the initiative to be the convening powerhouse that brought these disparate business communities together, to debate and unpack the challenges facing global mobility, connectedness and defence.


AGF is an ongoing global initiative using forums, seminars and deep-dive workshops, and media properties designed to meet the diverse stakeholders that can hyperscale industry-wide change.


Shelton-Fleming works across major strategic sectors and so supported AGF in their engagement of governments, academia, global finance and technology communities. For an inaugural event, the delegate feedback was exceptional. 96% of attendees rated the overall experience excellent or good. On value for money the experience delivered a score of 4.23 out of 5.