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Together we’re stronger

There’s no escaping, we all find ourselves in unusual times. Unprecedented disruption. An unfolding human tragedy. A search for a new normal.

With the impending climate crisis, we were already beginning to work more closely with our clients through workshops and thought-leadership papers and talks. The goal: to identify and deliver more sustainable events and experiences. COVID-19 accelerates that push to help our clients solve challenges and pivot to new ways of engaging audiences. Truly, we’re in this together.

We’re embracing online, cloud-based brainstorming techniques so we can offer our clients (with free hours and remote collaboration) strategic thinking, insight and ideas, to engage customers, staff and business partners in meaningful ways. The reason we are taking this ideation-driven approach, is to see beyond what is possible today.

Take for example virtual events. We can easily become trapped by what appears possible today. Today, our remote, virtual world is defined by experiences like Zoom, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facetime and WhatsApp, to name a few. These multi-party engagement platforms have been manna from heaven. However, there’s immense possibilities that other technologies and behavioural science can offer, that can transform the virtual experience. It’s only by working together, sharing those possibilities that new, innovative approaches will come into focus.

We hosted a client workshop recently. There was a lot of cool tech showcased. One of the technologies was ultra-haptics, where touch and physical sensation is delivered via a digital platform. It’s not so farfetched to imagine a virtual product launch, where you can be sitting at home, reach out with your hand, and feel like you’re touching the product. That’s immersive. That’s more than a live-stream or webinar. Add amazing and surprising content, engaging-speakers, VR, AR and online, peer-to-peer collaboration, you can garner attention and facilitate networking, learning and belonging.

There’s nothing nice about this pandemic. However, it is driving innovation. That innovation, be it more participative, social and immersive virtual experiences or smaller, localised, connected events, or digital customer ecosystems, designed around expert communities, offers benefits way-beyond coping with COVID-19. These initiatives, both digital and live, can be also transformative in areas like, sustainability and working towards more meaningful brand goals. To our clients, and anyone we’ve been exploring opportunities with, reach out if you want us to take a day or two with your internal teams, to scope new approaches to customer and stakeholder engagement.

Be well. Stay safe.