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The most popular human tech

Making digital interaction personal

‘We want something that will engage’. Sound familiar?

It’s the new mantra in live events and exhibition design.

Immersive experiences are the rage. Artistic Twitter-spheres. VR. Well, VR that all too often leaves your peripheral vision blurred. Or your sense of balance, off-balance. Your journey, a roller coaster ride to nowhere. Fun. But not so helpful when the conversation is a billion-dollar network or planning a skyscraper to re-define a nation’s future.

So, what’s the recipe for success, when using tech to tell your story?

Experience tells us there’s non-techie qualities that make the difference. Four things to look for:

  • The more tactile you can make the experience, the better
  • The more natural materials you can use, the better
  • The more social the experience, the better
  • And, most important of all, it’s about a good story

Without dwelling on the 46 cameras detecting tiny surface movements, this tech allows you to create a touchy, feely experience, using iconic markers. If you can make the markers from natural materials, like wood, even better.

With a MultiTaction table, you can activate multiple, interconnected stories on a large monitor.

The markers launch rotational menus, which can activate static, video and animated content.

Using multiple markers, you can activate different scenarios and variables to show how changes in one story or application, can impact another. In a world where most companies are redefining themselves within complex eco-systems, revealing the dynamics between different entities or processes can bring to life the value of these eco-systems.

Tactile tech, which includes emerging digital disciplines, like ‘Haptics’, can reduce the fake, plastic, cold, clinical qualities of interactive tech. Indeed, it’s worth exploring ‘Haptics’ on YouTube. It’s tech that harnesses touch. Heat, weight and texture can be experienced remotely or even virtually, on a screen. Tech that truly harnesses the tactile and social senses, creates deeper emotional engagement. And as a result, audiences become more receptive to your story.

Story-telling is still the most powerful weapon. And, a parable or analogy has lasting resonance. Why? Because most parables or analogies are, by definition, already baked into our memory and belief system.

A great example of blending tech with a tactile dimension is the MultiTaction smart table, seen here. Something we produced for Nokia at Mobile World Congress.