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World’s largest selfie-stick at Sibos Toronto

Brand / social media activation

Client: Finastra

Event: Sibos, Toronto 2017

Service: Booth design and brand activation

The Challenge: to help launch the Finastra brand as the ultimate, inclusive strategic partner for financial service businesses embracing digital transformation and reinventing the customer experience.


The Solution: A city-wide marketing campaign beginning with airport branding and freeway billboards and centring on a  public-facing brand activation at the entrance to the main hall to the payment industries preeminent, annual event, Sibos. We produced the world’s largest selfie-stick, inviting the passing public and delegates, attending Sibos, to have their photo taken against an iconic Toronto cityscape, and shared on social media platforms.


The Result: Headline news stories in national TV and trade press, about the launch of Finastra, along with 500,000 plus posts and shares on main social media platforms