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“One thing is clear – consumerism is now less about status and instead connected to how the brand enriches life, self-awareness and social capital.”

Consumer products have been relying on strong brands for decades. Today, the modern customer puts enormous demands on those brands, expecting them to be socially conscious, authentic, sustainable, and engaging.


Technology is transforming the relationship with customers. It’s become more direct, often cutting-out the retailers. More significantly, the ability to connect product and services through digital platforms is transforming brands into ecosystems and lifestyle solutions. Technology in an electric toothbrush, connected to a dashboard that can be accessed by your dental hygienist, reinvents the experience of brushing your teeth. Digital dimensions transform the brand relationship and provide added value.


One thing is clear. Consumerism is now less about status and more about how the brand enriches life, self-awareness and social capital.


It’s too early to say what the impact of the coronavirus pandemic will be on consumer psyche, but it’s likely that new behaviours will emerge. People will reassess their old values, maybe adopting a local mindset and favouring a more communal economic outlook. It’s against this backdrop of technological disruption and shifting consumer values, built around enriching experiences and what’s truly important in life, that relevant and truly powerful brand propositions will evolve.


The convergence of online and offline experiences is creating a highly disruptive and, of course, exciting sector. Today, retail must meet the needs of shoppers, pleasure seekers and workers, whose lives ebb and flow through digital and physical worlds, as they seek to optimise time. Our brand activation work focuses on harnessing a deep understanding of a brand’s purpose and the local culture, combining interactive and immersive technologies in creative ways, to inspire consumers.

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