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Compass Group energizes global strategy

Engaging the imagination of senior teams

Compass is a client managed by our sister company, Line Up Communications. Shelton Fleming acquired Line Up in 2016.  Today, we share resources and expertise, where beneficial to our clients.


Compass is a long standing relationship for Line Up.  Through a program of live events, film and digital solutions, we enable their senior executive team to engage operational managers, across the globe, in the forward strategy. The emphasis is on two-way dialogue and co-creative activities to adapt group strategy to local markets. We aim to motivate our audiences to be more creative in their workplace via creative leadership sessions. We also create and manage forums to focus on food trends and their impact on the consumer, selecting panels of experts and managing content. And we select and manage innovative suppliers to present, display and share their initiatives.


About Line Up Communications: Part of the Shelton Fleming Group, Line Up employ a fully integrated team of event management experts, ranging from creative production, set design, build and technical, to content production and digital communication, venue search, travel, hospitality and delegate management.

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