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“It’s no longer bricks and mortar. It’s bricks and clicks with eCommerce and diverse, personalised, digital touch-points.”

Commercial property development is fast becoming the third, de facto, financial asset class. Consequently, any definition of the competitive set for property companies must start in The City or on Wall Street, rather than in the real estate space. The business is becoming increasingly strategic, holistic, advisory and global.


Extend downstream into property management, and the picture is equally dynamic and disruptive. Here the shift is from tenant negotiation and maintaining assets, to the creative stewardship of assets and omni-channel experiences. Put simply, the focus is on reimagining spaces as destinations. As social and entrepreneurial hubs.


It’s an exciting time to be in the property sector, as it goes through a genuine Renaissance. Technology is transforming business models. The day may come when footfall and emotional engagement, perhaps measured through neuroscience, will decide rents. Already, the top performing malls are a mix of theatre, leisure and retailing.  It’s no longer about bricks and mortar. It’s about bricks and clicks with eCommerce and diverse, personalised, digital touchpoints.


In the commercial property field, conversations underpin the regeneration of entire communities, starting upstream in trending research, insights, consulting and concept development. Today, the property developer’s clients are as interested in creativity and a digital savvy mind-set, as they are deal-making or negotiation skills. We work with the world’s leading players to engage the key stakeholders in the property ecosystem, through summits, trade shows and high-tech customer centres.


For reasons of confidentiality, we’re unable to share the names of all of our clients in the Commercial Property sector.

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