This discussion paper along with its sister publication – Millennials and the Personal Life of Brands – explores some the practical ways brands can engage the generation commonly referred to as, The Millennials, at trade-shows and live events.


It’s also a foray into some of the technologies and applications that are likely to weave their way into live events and trade-shows. And that’s perhaps not surprising. This is a generation also referred to as the ‘Digital Natives’. Their notions about inclusiveness, collaboration, transparency, working smart and doing-good, increasingly rule when it comes to business and what matters.


However, the stars are aligned in more ways than one for this Generation. As technology becomes all-pervasive, the triangulation of three dimensions becomes possible – time, place and context – the key to delivering relevant, timely content and convenience. However, this all pivots on one thing: Trust.  Will consumers trust brands with their data?