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Hasta la vista MWC

5 ways to keep sales on track

If the GSMA can take any comfort from the Arnie-Terminator reference, he always comes back. However, when a show hurtles south (aka, implodes) what do you do? How can the big players and the vast number of specialists and start-ups, many already stretching their round two or three funding (in some case, life savings) replace the sales and brand momentum MWC generates?

For well over a decade MWC has been a major driver in what are fast becoming economy-defining ecosystems. Think of all the car and tech brands at MWC, now converging around ‘Mobility’ and the sharing economy. Banks, retailers, healthcare providers, next-gen public services and home tech, all inhabit a new universe. MWC is where the ground-breaking consumer products get launched: a media junket, an investor paradise, a brand mecca all rolled up in 4 hectic days.

Big boots to fill. Disruptive. However, our approach to thriving in the shadow of MWC, and the culinary delights of Catalonia’s world-class chefs, involve 5 initiatives.

1. Create professionally moderated 24/7, online communities with live talks to bring players together… and do this on a mobile platform

2. Host live, real-time, interactive virtual talks and ideation sessions, across different geographies. Do this to bring key players from business ecosystems and customers together to discuss the future.

There’s clever tech, like CoCreate from Engage, which can facilitate these inter-connected micro-ideation events. CoCreate uses electronic post-it-notes for ideation.

To know more, read our Discussion Paper on Virtual Conferences available here.

3. Roadshows that take the story to the local markets or directly into the customers’ premises are a good way to keep the energy and momentum.

Roadshows with partners can mean costs being shared, which again – can come in handy if a large chunk of marketing budget was already spent on an exhibition booth at aborted-MWC2020.

To know more, read our Discussion Paper “How to lead in Business Ecosystems” available here.

4. Roadshows can be hosted at inspirational locations – hotel or pop-up venues or literally be mobile, on a convoy of trucks, that can rock-up to a customer’s HQ for a day or two.

5. Hybrid roadshow with interactive virtual workshop.

This way, you’re both sustainable and efficient. Bringing in remote attendees has a scale effect, reducing environmental impact.

Every cloud has a silver lining – the upside of MWC being cancelled will make the digital industry stronger and more prepared for unexpected turns of events. And, you can always hire a world-class Catalonian chef to prepare a vegetarian tapas menu for your locally hosted events.