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Engaging new audiences in digital eco-systems

Power of empathy

The digital world isn’t just transforming the shape of services being sold. It’s often changing the customer segmentation. New audiences often need to be engaged. But, how to reach them; or more importantly, how to relate to them?

In the B2B space, this challenge is often amplified. Many companies are morphing into software defined businesses.  A new eco-system evolves. Often predicated on a data-driven model. Factor in an IoT strategy, and the complex supply chain, the number of target audiences and stakeholders multiplies.

In the past, a typical IT infrastructure company might be focused on the CTO. In the IoT era, that same business may need to engage CMOs, CXOs and web innovators.  These new audiences have revenue creation agendas, or a need to re-invent the customer experience.

Reaching them is easier said than done. That’s partly because many companies are organised around a product or service portfolio rather than discrete customer segments. And the new audiences may relate to a different tone of voice and style of communication. These nuances can impact how you communicate and engage, not to mention, what you talk about.

Example: CMOs are expected to stimulate sales, create new revenues streams and build brands. However, they often don’t have control of the customer journey or experience. The COO, CIO or CXO may have more influence there. That can be a real challenge for CMOs. So, identify and address that conundrum, you’ve got their attention.

‘Creativity and innovation’ is often at the heart of what they’re expected to bring to the party. Hence, CMOs are likely to respond to novel forms of communication, too.

So, if you’re seeking to engage new audiences, consider content that’s about 1) managing change and cross-functional collaboration, as it applies to their world. 2) Offering game-changing, market insights. And, 3) helping them connect with their peers. That way they can build the internal bridges that will enable business transformation. Your business becomes loved for being that enabler.