Sony Music Entertainment

Finding your mojo in a disruptive world

Immersive, collaborative development

Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s largest media and entertainment groups, operates in an industry that has always been at the cutting edge of trends and change – indeed, often at the very heart of a movement.

In the digital era, zero tolerance audiences take no prisoners. Creative content is as good as free and certainly ubiquitous with subscriptions and pervasive streaming. The days of hanging out in avant-garde clubs to discover new talent eclipsed by reality-TV and the public vote-off. And then there’s the schools nurturing both the talent and business acumen. 

Finding your mojo in this brave new world mandates a perpetual search for new ideas and new business models from more novel gigs and festivals to seeking brand endorsements. Social media and eWord-of-Mouth make and break million dollar careers. Yet, it’s arguably the most exciting time in history to be part of the media and entertainment world - and its consumers.

In this frenzied environment, we work to bring Sony Music’s people into immersive, themed personal development experiences, designed to help them reassess, reframe and reassemble any presumptions and spot the new opportunities along the way.

These are highly immersive, wholly inspiring workshops, orchestrated to enhance collaboration, communication and innovation skills. In collaboration with dpa, who designed the development programme with Sony, we created engaging environments in a super-cool warehouse that encapsulated ideation and bespoke brainstorming spaces.

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