Product launch

Volvo S60 global launch

Bringing brand DNA to life across all touch points

This iconic Swedish car manufacturer is synonymous with a powerful brand, cutting edge design and game-changing technological innovation, especially in safety and performance. Previously owned by Ford, it is now owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding of China. Geely’s acquisition of Volvo Cars in 2010 marked the beginning of its transformation and the re-invention of its portfolio of vehicles.

Human life is precious and, at the same time, mankind has a unique and privileged influence on the world. This focus has always been at the heart of the Volvo brand. Volvo’s strategy is that of human centricity. And to take pride in helping the world become a better place for all. Building on their reputation for safety, Volvo cars have committed that by the year 2020, no one will be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo.

In terms of wider business challenges, Volvo is focused on breaking the strangle-hold of German marques in the luxury sector.  The organisation is being re-engineered and re-organised to enable it to behave as a truly global player.

Competing in a future where the advent of autonomous driving is bringing new non-traditional players into the market brings new and exciting challenges.

We have collaborated closely with Volvo’s global management. New models have been launched in inventive ways and unique locations to a sophisticated dealer network and the new vanguard of cultural influencers in the fashion and blog-o-sphere. Our experiential, film and digital communications work has delivered multi-layered messages through the organisation, using film and digital solutions. Our innovations also bring to life new vehicles through engaging workshops and dynamic test-drives.

Our work for Volvo is managed through Line Up, a company we acquired in 2016. They employ a fully integrated team of event management experts ranging from creative production, set design, build and technical to content production and digital communication, venue search, travel, hospitality and delegate management, all under our roof. Like Shelton Fleming, Line Up operates across a global canvas in the brand experience and live events space. Line Up have worked with Volvo for over ten years. Our work is managed through both our London and Gothenburg offices.

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