NetScout exhibition booth design

MWC Brand Positioning Strategy

Strategic Advisor with network management to data analytics

Emphasised brand personality and consultancy versus a geeky tech narrative. Vast, dynamic media wall tells a story around secure, end-to-end connectivity and enriching experiences between people and things. 

For NetScout we create a presence at Mobile World Congress which brings to life the new world of digital disruption and transformation that revolves around IoT – the Internet of Things – and leveraging the umbrella theme, Guardians of the Connected World.

NetScout provides network performance management applications to large enterprises and fixed and mobile service providers. Their suite of highly technical solutions monitor the performance of IP (data) networks, and detect and enable triage, when faults or threats are experienced.

Their monitoring software operates at a near-sub-atomic level in the network, detecting every possible threat or anomaly.

Emphasis is placed on creating an energised, open space that would underscore a warm, inviting and collaborative culture. Our work for NetScout covers all aspects of the experience:

• content creation, including AV and film

• stand design

• demos

• broadcast team and studio for live-streaming of on-stand interviews, plus technical support

• catering

• hospitality

• Evening entertainment programmes, and…

• our renowned meeting management tool - E.M.M.A.

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