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FinTech: Engagement geared to lead generation

Misys is a major player in enterprise systems for the financial sector. The industry is evolving fast, with key players rapidly undertaking wholesale digital transformation projects. Cloud technology is a key enabler of this change. Increasingly, Misys digital transformation projects for the Cloud fast track the rollout of sophisticated solutions that are managed in highly secure, audited environments. The Misys approach is always innovative, agile and customer-centric.

At Shelton Fleming we deliver end-to end brand experiences that position Misys as the trusted thought-leader in the digital transformation. We reinforce the concept of anytime, anywhere services with rigorous compliance. In support of the seamless customer experience at Misys, our creative work spans everything from design and build of first class consulting booths, to pre and post event comms, to organising senior partner dinners, and ‘must have’ ticket, themed parties.

Our deluxe booth design gives Misys style-conscious consulting environments for high-powered meetings. Our bespoke meeting tool supported a seamless customer journey. And our online feedback process linked to their CRM system measured the quality and volume of lead generation. 

At SIBOS in Singapore, we created a James Bond themed party in a sci-fi styled nightclub, while at SIBOS, Geneva, we created the Salon Privée party with an exclusive VIP vibe. Our end-to end solutions embrace everything from invitations to specially sourced gifts. Ultimately, we deliver luxury, bespoke, inspiring creative that reflects the personality and positioning of this innovative brand.

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