Hitachi exhibition booth design

Seamless customer journeys

Brand building through social innovation

Hitachi is a colossus in global industry. Their interests are diversified. They deliver everything from high-speed transport networks and heavy machinery to ICT and advanced medical equipment. At the same time they’ve quickly expanded into renewables and water management. One thing’s for sure. Whatever markets they work in, they’ll take every opportunity to make a positive impact in an era of extreme social change.

Hitachi has developed its master brand strategy under the banner of social innovation. This reflects its commitment to helping society face challenges as diverse as water and energy shortages, digital disruption, ageing populations, mass-urbanisation, data security and digital disruption. Hitachi wants to be the best at bringing businesses and people together to find solutions through collaboration, new ideas and new business models.

Our role is to help develop and communicate a master brand strategy across Europe and The Middle East, as well as creating product and service launches that embrace the very principles of co-creativity and social enterprise.

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