Navigating a highly disruptive world

Building the brand by shaping the future

Like so many businesses today, GKN are navigating in a highly disruptive world. New competitors pepper the landscape, squeezing margins. There’s pressure to set up ops closer to customers. New technologies and connectivity. Driverless transport. Hybrid and electric. Electric or hydrogen, or both. OEMs have the triple whammy. Pressure to innovate across legacy systems, as well as invent the new generation of tech, while shaping the future.

GKN is one of those rare businesses that has a capacity to re-invent itself to meet new challenges – very often managing disruption by shaping the future. Working with the automotive systems group, we’ve been helping reposition the brand through customer centres and exhibition stands at tier one automotive shows around the world. The goal? To capitalise on the dramatic transformation underway in both how vehicles are powered to where power could come from in the future.

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