DELL exhibition booth design

Challenger Branding

Positioning to leverage digital transformation

DELL, better known for their roots in customised computing hardware (ordered online) has built a $2billion dollar business in enterprise software and consultancy. This burgeoning business – DELL Services – is an agile strategic business consultancy with a suite of advanced enterprise solutions, capable of enabling banks and financial service companies to fast track the transformation of their organisation for the digital era.

Of course, DELL Services has clients in the top tier, but its solutions are equally attractive to regional and mid-sized banks wanting to be digitally enabled with the same technological capability and scalability as the larger institutions. So we developed a communication and engagement activity that would enable DELL Services to appeal to both big institutions and the challenger brands in financial services.

The launch pad for this narrative was SIBOS 2016. We designed and produced DELL’s exhibition booth to reinforce a highly consultative approach, as opposed to a hard-sell culture. At the heart of the booth, a looping film on an imposing media wall explored the issues disrupting the financial services industry.

The space encouraged listening and probing on customer challenges needs and priorities. It emphasised the sharing of insights, learning and ideas, harnessing the halo effect of a strategic partner that specialises in digital transformation.

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