Compass Group

Energising management teams

Feeding the imagination of global management teams

We are indeed what we eat. And Compass proudly promotes health, vitality and wellbeing, nourishing a huge variety of people around the world. It is the world’s largest contract food caterer, with an annual revenue of £17.8 billion, providing high quality catering services to workplaces, schools, colleges, hospitals, seniors' accommodation and remote sites, including off shore and defence facilities. In fact, it is regularly positioned as the eighth largest private sector employer in the world, with over 500,000 employees in over 50 countries.

In today's business environment, this is no picnic. Compass faces all the challenges associated with a low margin, high volume business. And it also operates in a global marketplace, facing cultural and geographical challenges, as well as the demands of emerging markets, such as establishing good business practices and ethics.

Our relationship with Compass is focused at Group level.  Through a program of live events, film and digital solutions we enable group management to feed strategic direction through senior managers in operations across the globe. The emphasis is on two-way dialogue and co-creative activities to adapt group strategy to local markets. We aim to motivate our audiences to be more creative in their workplace via creative leadership sessions. We also create and manage forums to focus on future food trends and their impact on the consumer, selecting panels of experts and managing content. And we select and manage innovative suppliers to present, display and share their initiatives.

Our work for Compass is managed through Line Up, a company we acquired in 2016. They employ a fully integrated team of event management experts ranging from creative production, set design, build and technical to content production and digital communication, venue search, travel, hospitality and delegate management, all under our roof. Like Shelton Fleming, Line Up operates across a global canvas in the brand experience and live events space.

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