Coco-Cola pop-up events

Touring brand activation

Olympian success refreshing brand perceptions

With a diversified soft drinks portfolio that accounts for around 25% of global sales, Coca-Cola IS the global beverage market. However, despite outstripping Pepsi by about 14% of market share, the competition remains tough and unforgiving. More mobile lives, healthy eating trends and a proliferation of quirky, niche brands and experiences, continue to rumble across the landscape.

For the 2012 London Olympics, we delivered a brand experience that toured 8,000 miles, over 70 days, stopping at 66 cities along the route for the Olympic Torch Relay. It featured the ‘Beat Generator’, a digital interface that allowed consumers to mix their own beats in the style of Coca-Cola’s global ‘Move to the Beat’ Olympic campaign. In the City Beats trailer, consumers could also grab a Coke and have their photo taken with the Olympic Torch. Beats were shared via Facebook, Twitter and email. A staggering 1.8 million Facebook impressions were delivered.

We designed, produced, staged and logistically managed the UK-wide tour of this pop-up event.

Our work for Coca-Cola is managed through Line Up, a company we acquired in 2016. They employ a fully integrated team of event management experts ranging from creative production, set design, build and technical to content production and digital communication, venue search, travel, hospitality and delegate management, all under our roof. Like Shelton Fleming, Line Up operates across a global canvas in the brand experience and live events space.

But Coca-Cola is a highly emotive brand, no less, with genuine, almost nostalgic consumer loyalty. The brand’s narrative is as much about the joy forging deep human relationships and identity as it is ‘refreshment’. The trick is to amplify the importance of relationships and leading an active lifestyle, to optimise Coke’s place alongside changing consumer values and habits. So, what better place to express the brand’s personality and references to living an active life with fulfilling relationships than, the Olympics where people and world’s come together.

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