First class consultancy lounges

Expressing a digital savvy future

Barclays is at the forefront of the digital evolution in financial services. It’s committed to a future-focused journey to digital excellence and expertise. The long game is to reposition Barclays as digital savvy in both B2C and B2B markets.

Banking and financial services have faced unprecedented change since the deregulation pushed through in the 80s, and the subsequent shake-up of the high street. Those developments, compared to the fast approaching era of open banking, may soon seem like a walk in the park.  Open-API protocols will allow a tsunami of FinTech’s and consumer brands to offer services that aggregate a consumer’s or company’s finances. With a more holistic purview of a customer’s finances new services can be delivered. 

Even the transactions and payments market will be transformed. In future, with your permission, companies like Starbucks could be able to take the money for your coffee straight from your bank account, reducing the transaction fees that currently dozens of clearing houses accrue. How people view money, investment and consumption will be transformed. And the big banks must adapt and reposition against FinTechs with a natural appeal to the new generation of digital natives.

Our work at major industry forums, like SIBOS and EuroFinance, has embraced and expressed the repositioning of Barclays as a digital savvy, future orientated business partner. Customer engagement and booth design combine a futuristic vibe with a luxury, VIP quality. This brings to life a sophisticated, first class lounge experience. Brilliant white laminates are juxtaposed with warm woods and living walls to deliver a high quality space geared entirely to consulting.

Attention to detail is paramount, right down to the hip coffee bar with professional barista, who makes every cup of coffee a special event.

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