Alcatel Lucent

We live in an entertainment age

Intelligent, seamless, personalised experiences

We live in an entertainment age – where content-rich, seamless experiences are the future. Alcatel-Lucent and their renowned, Bell Labs, sit at the nexus of this dynamic era, providing advice, systems and global services to many of the world’s largest telcos and IP infrastructure companies. Our work for Alcatel-Lucent is helping them position as a trusted advisor with a long history of game-changer innovations.

That positioning underpinned everything from theme to how visitors were engaged, to make the experience productive, enjoyable and personalised.  We provided audience insights, design, build, filmic and digital content, logistics and hospitality, to VIP ground transport and, ultimately, KPI analysis. 

Our relationship with Alcatel-Lucent transitioned in 2016. Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent, along with the world-renowned, innovation arm, Bell Labs. The latter is now formerly known as, Nokia Bell Labs.

Today, we work with both Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs. Our work spans live events, exhibition booth design, and the application of creative technologies to show case Nokia's latest innovations.

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