Pop-ular Thinking

Value of B2B pop-up events

Summer in Europe is the season for pop-ups. So why are these pop-up experiences becoming so popular? And what lessons can B2B marketers take from this trend in the consumer and retail space?

In a world increasingly defined by technology standards and experiences shaped around enterprise platforms, all of which has a homogenising effect, the pop-up introduces authenticity and uniqueness. Two qualities at the heart of brands that truly engage.

Although venues are evolving too, with an ever expanding portfolio of neo-industrial gallery spaces and heavily themed (baroque) spaces, the pop-up provides context. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to enable the audience to see change from a different perspective. Indeed, in a world where many staff and customer meetings are seeking to transform mind-sets, the pop-up event – in novel locations – amplifies the desired behaviour and perceptual shift

Moreover, the pop-up event lends itself to the selfie-generation with a hunger for unique experiences. It creates moments that are memorable and eagerly promoted across social media channels.

Of course, there are challenges. Many of the back-office services, like washrooms, cloakrooms, kitchen and power need to be brought into the temporary spaces created. However, many of these logistics issues can be addressed with creative solutions, such as BBQ catering and the suite of luxury portacabins for toilets and back-office.

The upside is the unique experience. If a company is pushing say, its eco-credentials, what better way to do that than an event in a forest or dramatic lakeside setting?

Economies of scale can also be achieved by hosting the event over several days or weeks, to maximise use of the installation.  There’s also a growing choice of re-usable, modular pop-up installations available to bring the cost down.

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