Will your social media skills charm your audience?

The brands that are the darlings of consumer engagement are those that empower the consumer. Without doubt, social media gives consumers the power and the platform to take back control of the dialogues they have with ‘their’ brands. People are becoming used to being in control of what they experience and what they consume. They expect personalised, tailored experiences that address individual issues, interests and ideas. And from this comes a simple truth. In a live events context, brands need to ensure that their experiences are equally as engaging as their social media and online presence. 

Social media is the suave charmer of the digital revolution. It’s the virtual seducer that allows people to feel a personal touch. And when they feel it, they generally respond to it positively and enthusiastically. Remember, often they instigated the relationship, so when consumers respond to your brand’s social media advances, you need to be responsive and enthusiastic in return. 

So with competitive suitors lining up, do you have the social media skills to charm your audience?

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Andrew Reid, Director Corporate Strategy at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that produces live events which transform how you see the wider-world, business and brands. We do this by designing intelligent, personalized experiences for global brands.

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