Can your event move from mass consumption to mass customisation?

But are you in remote control?

Once upon a time your event had a lifespan and a place all its own. It often had a guest list, an invitation and even an RSVP. It opened at nine sharp and finished when the last customer hit the road. Those days are gone. Events are no longer tied to a single place or time. Audiences no longer consume events through a single medium or channel.

Audiences want to join your event on their terms. They want to decide what time, when and how they join. From their office, their loft space or the train to work, they will decide where they hook up with your event and how long they spend with you. Of course, many will visit in person, but all your visitors will have one thing in common. They’ll want to create the content they want. They interaction they want. And even the outcomes they want.

Put simply, the ‘few day event’ has been consumed by omni-channelled experiences that move our focus from mass consumption to mass customisation. But are you in remote control?

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