Consumers in the driving seat

Will yours be a bumpy ride?

Whether they’re Millennials, or Founders - as the INYT has dubbed Generation Z - or Baby Boomers, there’s little doubt that the consumer has regained power. They have the power to decide, not just which brands they favour, but also how, when or why they engage with brands. They have the power to mould and refine the brands they favour to complement their perception of their own personal brand. Because one size no longer fits all. Brands must be ready to adapt themselves to fit the nuances of consumers’ self-image. Not the other way round.

This new breed of consumer is super savvy in researching and investigating who and what they want in their lives. They are experts in creating their own paths and dialogues of consumption. They’re no longer ‘passive consumers’ who blindly accept whatever they are told and shown. Today they are the artisans of experience, both creating and curating the highly customised paths that lead them to consumption. 

So with the consumer in the driving seat and firmly behind the wheel, is your events planning on the home straight, or preparing for a bumpy ride?

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